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You have most likely made the right choices that make your company stand out in competition – anything you might have missed? Isn’t it time to make sure you lead your marketing and sales according to your strategy? Go ahead and test your capabilities right now.

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Better execution = More growth

The business environment continues to change at a strong rate. In preparation for future success, companies must adapt to new technologies, sales channels and competitive threats by changing their strategies, mindsets and leadership styles.

Innovative thinking and strategic plans make a good beginning. However, the ability to implement a strategic change makes winners stand out. Understand the human aspects of change and take a systematic approach to the delivery of strategic initiatives – and success will follow.

Meet Aleksi

Aleksi Rautavuori (MSc, MBA) is an acknowledged growth leader, with CEO and CSO experience from both private equity portfolio and large cap companies.

Aleksi and his organizations have won multiple titles, including “Growth Leader of the Year”, “Digital Service of the Year” and “MBA Student of the Year”.

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“The best minds and ideas are employed to create the corporate strategies of the leading companies. It is my job to help you make your strategies as brilliant. This will enable you to deliver what’s important to your organization. We’ll focus on project and change management to ensure your and your co-workers’ success.”

Aleksi Rautavuori

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I strive to exceed your expectations with quality and precision. Projects may be completed in just two weeks from first contact (subject to availability). Based on your needs, we’ll also use translators and graphic artists to ensure an exceptional fit to your quality standards.

Let’s talk about pricing:

How Much Can Pricing Change the Bottom Line of Your Company?


Pricing better is the most effective and fastest way to increase profits. Small improvements in pricing can result in significant improvements in operating profit. In fact, pricing has a stronger effect…

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Don’t Let Leakages Erode Your Pricing Strategy


If everything is well, you have selected the right market position with respect to your competition. You might still suffer from less visible leakages that eat into the prices you try to manage carefully. These leakages, unless consciously managed…

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Price Discrimination Is Good for You and Your Customers – or Is It?


How does it feel to pay more than somebody else for the very same thing? Should your company start charging different prices? The answer is yes in most cases. Price discrimination has…

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